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Finance & Consulting:

Sawaf & Co. Inc.
Leesburg, VA and Aachen, Germany


Sawaf & Co. Inc. is a consulting company, primarily to support Sawaf Venture LLC's portfolio company with marketing reach and networking, and to improve the reach and coverage of diverse human resource capabilities for them. In addition to that, Sawaf & Co. Inc. offers services for venture capitalists and angel investors like due diligence work and controlling for technology and/or operations, and other related business and management services.


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aixtyle GbR
Aachen, Germany


aixtyle is a consulting and development company founded in 2002 in Aachen, Germany, specializing on product and technology design in general, but in particular design of novel technological solutions, as well as on optimizing management, logistics, finance and design for the customers active in technology, architecture, trading and fashion.


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London, UK and Aachen, Germany
-- Exit September 2007


AIXISTANCE Ltd. was founded in 2003 is a global software development and information technology outsourcing company with headquartes in London, UK, with offices in Aachen, Germany and with worldwide partnerships to specialized companies. AIXISTANCE Ltd. provides optimized outsourcing solutions and professional consultancy services worldwide. Sawaf Ventures sold its shares back to the founders in 2007.

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Sawaf Ventures is currently invested in one additional startup that will make some revolutionary new market in the finance business. Keep an eye open with us, we will be informing you about this in more detail soon.

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Sawaf & Co Inc
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